Name:Bahram Nasernejad

Responsibility:Dean of Faculty

Name:Babak Bonakdarpour

Responsibility: Deputy of Education, Caltural and students

Name: Narges Fallah

Responsibility:Deputy of Research, Post Graduate and International Students

Name:Rashidi Rashidi

Responsibility: Director of Transport Phenomena & Thermo-Kinetic Group

Name:Ahmadreza Raisi

Responsibility: Director of ُSeparation & Process Design Group

Name:Gholamreza Pazuki

Responsibility:Director of Biotechnology & Enviromental Group

Name:Mohammad Rahmani

Responsibility:Director of General and Chemical Engineering softwares Workshop

Name:Davood Iranshahi

Responsibility:Director of Olampiad

Name:Sajjad Habibzadeh

Responsibility:Director of Gifted Students

Name:Mehrdad Mozaffarian

Responsibility: Director of Training

Name:Mohammad Hosain Namazi Ghadim

Responsibility:Director of Faculty IT