Courses Postgraduate Office

Name code Units Major Prerequesties Description
Biotechnology renewable energies 2281623 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Computational fluid dynamics 2281633 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Conceptual design of chemical processes 2285223 ADVANCED E.Learning
Non catalytic gas- solid reaction 2289103 مهندسي شيمي-ترموسينيتيک و کاتاليست
تدريس يار طراحي مفهومي در فرآيندهاي شيميايي 2285220 ADVANCED E.Learning
Adv. kinetics and reactor design 2218483 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Adv.chemical engineering thermodynamics 2280103 SEPARATION PROCESSES ENGINEERING
Advanced chemical eng. mathematics 2218473 CHEMICAL ENGINEERING
Advanced chemical engineering thermodynamics 2285143 ADVANCED E.Learning
Advanced engineering mathematics 2284103 HYDROCARBON RESERVOIR
Advanced engineering mathematics 2289113 BIOTECHNOLOGY
Advanced fluid mechanics 2280143 SEPARATION PROCESSES ENGINEERING
Advanced fluid mechanics 2285133 ADVANCED E.Learning
Advanced heat transfer 2280153 SEPARATION PROCESSES ENGINEERING
Advanced heat transfer 2285113 ADVANCED E.Learning
Advanced kinetics and reactor design 2285153 ADVANCED E.Learning
Advanced mass transfer 2280163 SEPARATION PROCESSES ENGINEERING
Advanced mass transfer 2285103 ADVANCED E.Learning
Advanced matematic in nanotechnology 2281103 NANOTECHNOLOGY