Honors and Achievement

The faculty members of our department have won many honors over the years including:
  • Professor Edrisi Science and Culture Hall of Fame   (2009)
  • Professor Kaghazchi Science and Culture Hall of Fame   (2002)
  • Professor Sohrabi Science and Culture Hall of Fame   (2001)
  • Professor Sohrabi first place for fundamental research in the 16th  Khwarizmi International Award (2003)
  • Professor Sohrabi as a Distinguished Researcher, (2002)
  • Professor Modarres having the highest number of paper publications  (2003)
  • Professor Kaghazchi , Professor Sohrabi, Professor Dabir as  Distinguished Professors
  • Professor Jamshidi, having the highest number of patents
  • Professor Nickazar, having the highest number of book publications
  • Professors Kaghazchi selected as a top female scientist in Asia  (2018)
  • Professor Kaghazchi, Professor Dabir, Professor Modares, Professor Nasernejad, Professor Kargari, Professor Soleimani having more than 1000 citations (2018)
Books by the faculty members:
  • Authored : 72 books
  • Translated : 9 books
Patents by the faculty members: 35
Students of this department have achieved top ranking in  scientific competitions as presented in the following table:
Competition Title Level Country Year Rank 
Chem-E-Car International Spain 2018 First
Chem-E-Car International Germany 2011 First
Chem-E-Car International Chaina 2008 First
Chem-E-Car National Iran 2007 First
Chem-E-Car National Iran 2006 First
Chem-E-Car International Malaysia 2006 First
Chem-E-Car International England 2005 Second
Chem-E-Car International Malaysia 2005 First
Chem-E-Car International Scotland 2005 Second
The department of Chemical Engineering has had the honor to play an important role in two national projects in 2018. The titles of these projects are as follows:
  1. Establishing the institute of CCR
The purpose of this project was to develop a CCR unit in the country, which is divided into two parts: catalyst development and process development.
Director: Dr. Mohammad Rahmani
Expert Committee Members: Dr. Cavus Flamaki, Dr. Rouein Halladj
  1. Conducting research studies and consultation to develop technologies to optimize production processes and enhance oil recovery in the Fahlian oil reservoir at Darquin Field.
Director: Dr. Ahmad Fahimiifar
Expert Committee Members: Dr. Fariborz Rashidi, Dr. Bahram Dabir, Dr. Hossein Afarideh