1. Dr. Abas Naderifar is promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor (June 2022). Congratulations Dr. Naderifar.

2. Dr. Bahram Nasernejad featured in the National TV for a new water treatment technology. More details

3. A research project by Dr. Mostafa Keshavarz Moraveji and his team is featured in a TV program (June 25, 2021). More details

4. A team of students led by Dr. Mostafa Keshavarz Moraveji  designs and manufactures a microheater. More details

5. Dr. Sayed Alireza Hosseinzadeh Hejazi is appointed the head of the Sustainable Development Office in the Water, Environment, and Sustainable Development Institute (June 2021). More details

6.  Dr. Mohammad Rahmani is promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor (January 2020). Congratulations Dr. Rahmani.

7.  Dr. Bita Zamiri joins the Chemical Engineering Department as an assistant professor (Fall 2019). Welcome Dr. Zamiri!

8.  Chem-E-Car team working under the supervision of Dr. Mostafa Keshavarz Moraveji  takes the third place in the international Chem-E-Car competition held in Germany. Team members : F. Dehdar (team leader), S.M.A Ojagh, H. Fazelian, A.H. Filsouf, A. Namaei Ghasemi, M.Keshavarz Moraveji, A. Salimi. Congratulations to everyone involved! More details

9. The Chemical Engineering Department receives the world ranking 76-100 in ShanghaiRanking's Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2019 - Chemical Engineering.