Dr. Sajjad Habibzadeh

Post-Doctoral Fellow at:

  •  NSERC/TOTAL industrial chair in multiphase reaction at extreme conditions
  •  NSERC industrial chair in coating and surface engineering (CSE)
  •  Electrochemical engineering Lab, department of chemical engineering, McGill University.
Doctor of Philosophy (2009-2013) :

Department of chemical engineering, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Thesis title: Employment of Ir/Ti-oxide coatings and electrochemical polishing of a 316L stainless steel for the enhancement of biocompatibility of metal surfaces. 

Master of Science: 2006-2009 :

University of Tehran, School of Chemical Engineering, catalysis and nanostructured materials Lab, Tehran, Iran.

First honor in minor :

Thesis title: Combustion synthesis of doped metal oxide nanoparticles as nanocatalyst for gas sensing and nanofluids.

Book Chapters:

-S. Habibzadeh, E. Rahmani, M. R. Saeb, M. R. Ganjali, J. Chaouki, Multilayer Thin Films on Fine Particles Multilayer Thin Films - Versatile Applications for Materials Engineering, (2020)

Journal articles:

-A. Bemani, Q. Xiong, A. Baghban, S. Habibzadeh, A. H. Mohammadi, M. H. Doranehgard, Modeling of cetane number of biodiesel from fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) information using GA-, PSO-, and HGAPSO-LSSVM models, Renewable Energy, 150 (2020) 924-934.

-N. Nabipour, R. Daneshfar, O. Rezvanjou, M. Mohammadi-Khanaposhtani, A. Baghban, Q. Xiong, L. KB Li, S. Habibzadeh, M. H. Doranehgard Estimating biofuel density via a soft computing approach based on intermolecular interactions, Renewable Energy, 152 (2020), 1086-1098.

-    A. Baghban, J. Sasanipour, S. Habibzadeh, Z. Zhang, Estimating solubility of supercritical H2S in ionic liquids through a hybrid LSSVM chemical structure model, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 27 (2019) 620-627.

-    R. Razavi, A. Bemani, A. Baghban, A.H Mohammadi, S.Habibzadeh, An insight into the estimation of fatty acid methyl ester based biodiesel properties using a LSSVM model, Fuel 243 (2019) 133-141.

-    A Baghban, J Sasanipour, S Habibzadeh, Z Zhang, Sulfur dioxide solubility prediction in ionic liquids by a group contribution—LSSVM model, Chemical Engineering Research and Design 142 (2019) 44-52.

-    A. Baghban, S. Habibzadeh, F. Zokaee Ashtiani, Toward a modeling study of thermal conductivity of nanofluids using LSSVM strategy, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 135 (2019) 507-522.

-    A Rostami, A Baghban, AH Mohammadi, A Hemmati-Sarapardeh, S. Habibzadeh, Rigorous prognostication of permeability of heterogeneous carbonate oil reservoirs: Smart modeling and correlation development, Fuel 236 (2019) 110-123.

-    MN Kardani, A Baghban, J Sasanipour, AH Mohammadi, S Habibzadeh, Group contribution methods for estimating CO2 absorption capacities of imidazolium and ammonium-based polyionic liquids, Journal of Cleaner Production 203 (2018) 601-618.

-    AD Saee, A Baghban, F Zarei, Z Zhang, S Habibzadeh, ANFIS based evolutionary concept for estimating nucleate pool boiling heat transfer of refrigerant-ester oil containing nanoparticles International Journal of Refrigeration 96 (2018) 38-49.

-    S. Habibzadeh, O Zabeida, A Argoitia, R Sargent, J Klemberg-Sapieha, J Chaouki, Ludvik Martinu, Conformal Multilayer Photocatalytic Thin Films on Fine Particles by Atmospheric Pressure Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57 (2018) 10345.
-    H. Hosseini Nazhad Ghazani, A. Baghban, A. Mohammadi, S. Habibzadeh, Absorption of CO2-rich gaseous mixtures in ionic liquids: A computational study, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 133 (2018) 455-465.

-    A. Baghban, S. Zilabi, S. Golrokhifar, S. Habibzadeh, Neural computations in modelling of CO2 capture from Gas stream emissions by Sodium Glycinate solution, , Petroleum Science and Technology, 36 (2018) 326.

-    A. Baghban, A. Jalali, A. Mohammadi, S. Habibzadeh, Efficient modeling of drug solubility in supercritical carbon dioxide, The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 133 (2018) 466.

-    A. Baghban, M. N. Kardanib, S.Habibzadeh, Prediction viscosity of ionic liquids using a hybrid LSSVM and group contribution method, Journal of Molecular Liquids, 236 (2017) 452-464.

-    - M. Shahrezaei, A. A. Babaluo, S. Habibzadeh, M. Haghighi, Photocatalytic Properties of 1D TiO2 Nanostructures Prepared from Polyacrylamide Gel–TiO2 Nanopowders by Hydrothermal Synthesis, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 3 (2017) 694-703.

-    - M. Shahrezaei, S. Habibzadeh, A. A. Babaluo, H. Hosseinkhani, M. Haghighi, A. Hasanzadeh, R. Tahmasebpour, Study of synthesis parameters and photocatalytic activity of TiO2 nanostructures, Journal of Experimental Nanoscience, 12 (1), 2017.

-    - M. Attia, Sh. Farag, S. Habibzadeh, S. Hamzehlouia, J. Chaouki, Fast Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass for the Production of Energy and Chemicals: A Critical Review, Current Organic Chemistry, 20 (28), 2016.

-    S. Habibzadeh, L. Li, S. Omanovic, D. Shum-Tim and E.C. Davis, “Electrochemical Polishing as a 316L Stainless Steel Surface Treatment Method: Towards the Improvement of corrosion stability”, Corrosion Science, 87 (2014) 89-100.

-    S. Habibzadeh, L. Li, S. Omanovic, D. Shum-Tim and E.C. Davis, “Biocompatibility of Ir/Ti-oxide coatings: Interaction with platelets, endothelial and smooth muscle cells”, Applied Surface Science, 301(2014) 530–538.

-    S. Habibzadeh, D. Shum-Tim and S. Omanovic, “Surface and Electrochemical Characterization of Ir/Ti-Oxide Coatings: Towards the Improvement of Radiopacity for Coronary Stent Application”, International Journal of. Electrochemical Science, 8 (2013) 6291 – 6310.